Change the way you approach the small things, and you can create something that is incredible for the traveler, but life changing for the local community they visit.


“We believe our people, our community is our biggest asset

We conduct our business and operations by means of transparency and honesty

We encourage cultural experiences and sharing of information

We support the local economy and community upliftment

We take pride in our community partners

We strive towards local economic development

We encourage responsible environmental management 

We invite the world to visit our Camp and get involved with community development

We place emphasis on conservation, between man and environment

We envisage a future of more community development

We invite the whole world to partner with us in our efforts“

We are extremely privileged to celebrate World Tourism Day 2018 today with the whole world.

Why is tourism so important to us you might ask? First of all we get to share our beautiful country with the world, we are in a position show the world and all the international guests our history, wildlife and different cultures. Secondly and most importantly we are striving to make  a difference in the lives of our local community, the Mpumalanga province and our country.

We believe in sustainable and responsible tourism. To achieve this we need to have a transparent, honest and sustainable relationship with our community, Nkambeni as well as with our environment. Our people and community remains our most valuable asset. Therefore, we regard our relationship with our community as of utmost importance and make sure that the community support the project to its fullest.

We will continue to take hands with our various partners to use tourism to enrich the lives of the traveler and uplift the lives of the community members. To us at Nkambeni Safari Camp sustainable and responsible tourism is the state of harmony between our people, the community and our social, cultural and natural environment.