” A leopard never changes its spots”

When we refer to the popular saying that a leopard never changes its spots, what we are really saying is that someone cannot change their essential nature or distinct characteristics. On this Women’s Day, I was reminded of this saying yet again.

It always remains fascinating how many lessons we can learn from the animal kingdom. Sometimes it just reminds us about important truths that we often forget.

Leopards are such unique animals, made up of the most interesting characteristics that define them. Today I would like to talk about their spots, also known as rosettes. Although to most people leopards appear to look basically the same, it is however possible to tell them apart.

How do we do that? Well first of all each individual leopard consists of spots on its face. These spots on the face and the specific position thereof are unique and distinct to each leopard. The spots are also different on each side of the face and these spots creates an identifiable pattern. By looking at the spots and pattern of the sides of the nose and muzzle, it becomes a very reliable means of identifying and distinguishing leopards from one another.

The pattern and spots on a leopard differ from each leopard. Each has their own distinct set of rosettes making up this unique pattern on their faces and bodies. This unique pattern can almost compare to the unique pattern of a human’s fingerprint. Therefore, it becomes quite easy to recognize an individual leopard based on these distinctive spots and patterns. Although from a distance you can notice that it can be classified as a leopard, it is only when you take a much closer look that you will be able to identify the particular individual leopard.

This reminds me of women as well. You can easily distinguish male from female, but every woman has her own set of distinct and unique characteristics. We are all the same, yet completely different. When you think about it, it is so wonderful!

Therefore today, I want to encourage all the ladies out there, to acknowledge your true self, your beauty  and your own uniqueness. Be proud of who YOU are, your strenghts as well as your shortcomings or weaknesses.

Never even try to change your “spots”, because at the end of the day these “spots” are what makes you, YOU. This is what sets you apart and what defines you.

Embrace your “spots” and “patterns”, wear them with pride and walk elegantly as the unique woman that you are!

To all the strong women out there.. may we KNOW them, may we BE them and may we RAISE them!


We celebrate all the special women today, the daughters, mothers, sisters, friends and leaders. We also thank all the great men out there for respecting and cherishing who we are!