“What we find in a soulmate is not something wild to tame, but something wild to run with”.

It is no secret that lions remains one of the most fascinating animals in the whole world. Lions, male and female are unlike most cat species, in the sense that they are not solitary. They live in large groups, called a “pride“, consisting of several related lionesses, as well as their cubs. The number of lionesses in a pride can range from two to twenty (I am sure a few men won’t mind this), depending on availability of food in the territory. When the food is scarce some of the females will often have to disperse and find another pride.

The lion can be regarded as the “status symbol” of all animals in the animal kingdom, whether it is the powerful roars he gives, the way he protects and fights for his lioness and pride or just by shaking that rich, massive mane. The lion resembles power and strength. He walks around with a presence and roars with passion. Through all of this he is one of the most respected leaders amongst others. Therefore, without a doubt, it is fully understandable that he is known as the king of the jungle.

But the real question today is, what and where will this king be, without his queen/queens – the lioness?

You see, the lion, this king, is also one of the laziest of all of the big cats and sleeps roughly around 20 hours per day. This means that as king, he expects his queen/queens (how lucky can a man be?) to do approximately 90 percent of the hunting. So, first of all, you get the male lion sleeping in the whole day, and then as he wakes (for a few hours), he will be feasting on the food his queen provides. Well, talk about living the life!!! However, supposedly in exchange for his constant protection over his pride, his queen and his cubs, it is the least she can do.

What a remarkable reminder of companionship. But still, as it is said – every King needs his Queen 😉

And therefore, yes, it is “that” day of the year, 14th February. And today we all talk about…LOVE, about friendship and companionship. May you have an incredible Valentine’s Day, filled with love and compassion.


We hope you spoil the ones close to your heart today, and every other day, whether it is your king, queen, fellow queens or your cubs.


Happy Valentine’s Day all the way from Nkambeni Safari Camp!!